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Suduko Online

Soduko or Sudoku

Many people ask me "What's the original spelling of Soduko?"
Well, I guess it's Sudoku but the site was created as, so let's just leave it that way and keep in mind the name Sudoku.

Put Sudoku on your site!

Copy & paste the following text into your web site's code and get a nice looking sudoku puzzle section:

Click here to see a Sudoku-to-go sample.

What is Soduko?

The Soduko puzzle is a Japanese logic game which entered the western world during the last decade and is gaining popularity very fast.

What's so special about this Soduko puzzle??

First, the Soduko puzzle can be anything from ridiculously easy to fiendishly difficult. Second, it's a puzzle which comprises only of numbers. digits 1 to 9 actually. no need for math knowledge, you solve the Soduko puzzle with reasoning and logic.

What are the rules ?

Sudoku Demo One simple rule:
Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9

Roll your mouse over the Soduko board on the left to reveal its solution.

You might think "I see no point in playing it ...". Well, Soduko is definitely one of the more challenging puzzles you can do, you must try one to understand :)
Soduko will require logic on your side, and will develop your logical thinking and decision making, especially in the harder Soduko boards.

OK! I want to start playing

Tips for the beginner Soduko player

  • Make sure you have some free time ahead
  • Resist the temptation of guess and use logic first!
  • Solving time for the Soduko is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your Soduko skill and experience, so don't quit if you're Soduko-ing for 5 mins and getting nowhere

Roman Sudoku

Sudoku comes in many variations. The usage of Roman numbers is one of them, and it is called Roman Sudoku.
Click here to play Roman Sudoku here at Sudoku Shack.

You can now own a SudokuShack shirt!

Sudoku T-Shirt
It could make a nice gift to a Sudoku enthusiast!

Super Soduko

Getting tired of those plain 3 x 3 grid (81 squares) Suduko puzzles? The Independent ( A UK Newspaper ) has released a version in its weekend edition of a 4 x 4 grid (256 squares), called the Super Soduko.
Because we run out of numbers at 9, it uses the computer number base hexadecimal, which uses the letters a - f to signify 10 - 15.
So you actually needs to use the symbols 0 thru 9 and A, B, C, D, E and F.

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